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MB #028: Adventure, Shoe Prisons, And A Letter To The American Church

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Do you live each day with deep levels of peace and joy? Free from the clutches of regular anxiety, worry, fear, frustration, anger, malaise, or fog? If freedom from these isn't your normal, this is my loving reminder that you weren't designed to live that way. Peace and joy are the outcomes of a rich and healthy life the way God intended. The good news is that often it's just small tweaks and learning some new ways to look at and approach things that move us into greater health - physically, spiritually, and relationally.

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Today's issue is all about foot prisons. That might not sound too exciting to you, but it's incredibly important.

Today at a glance:

  • Food For Thought: Adventure
  • Quote: Wendell Berry
  • Fitness Tips: Shoe prisons
  • Book: When by Daniel Pink
  • Social Media: Disarming a gunman, Jordan Peterson & Eric Metaxas

🧠 Food For Thought:

Nearly every notable figure in scripture that God used to perpetuate goodness, bring justice, and display His glory across the earth, found themselves in an adventure. When they were sensitive to his presence or voice, they were called out to step out, risk, and adventure. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the Prophets, John, Jesus, Peter & the disciples, Paul, the early Church, and many more. Since this started with Adam pre-fall (Genesis 1:28), I'm inclined to believe that adventure in the life of a man (and his family) who walks with God is to be expected. Is it reasonable then to wonder if when adventure is missing, if we're actually listening to God at all?

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