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MB #015: Dinosaurs, Confusion, & Healthy Fathers

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Hey friends,

Let's chat about dinosaurs...in a minute.

Being a healthy father is when a father is healthy spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally, operationally, and more.

Part of spiritual and relational health is to relate properly to God, know Him, be known by Him, and then relate properly to your family as the head of the home.

A father who is spiritually and relationally healthy with being a father who is leading the home spiritually. And that is hard. It's super confusing at times. It requires a lot of additional thinking/prayer/reading, etc.

That said, according to scripture it's not really optional. But if we lean into the broken, fleshly image of Adam in us rather than being transformed into and living as the image of Christ, we will become passive and abdicate our responsibility in this area.

Along the lines of this topic, in the last few weeks, the Cirullo family has been learning about dinosaurs. Something my kids have been really interested in which means my wife and I need to be able to talk about them with confidence. Inevitably when you talk about dinosaurs, it brings up creation vs. evolution, old earth vs. new earth and so much more. All that to be said, we need to know how to address these things.

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