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MB #001: Fat Loss - The Old vs. The New

How to get lean and keep weight off:


- Hours of cardio each week
- Cut out entire food groups/types (i.e. carbs, meat, bread, etc)
- Copy the workouts of social media influencers
- Cut a ton of calories, like a bird, and starve
- Hit your scale goal (begrudgingly), and go back to eating “normal”.
- Repeat endlessly until you die

NEW WAY (but really actually the older way - *in order of importance)

- Develop discipline and exercise self-control
- Sleeping 7-8+ quality hours
- Eat 80%+ of diet from whole foods (not packaged)
- Cut alcohol and other non-water drinks
- Heavy resistance training 3-6x/wk for 30 min+
- Getting regular sunlight early in the day
- Walking and standing more, sitting less
- Occasional hard cardio (1, maybe 2x/wk)

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