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MB #008: How To Build A Killer Morning Routine

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Hey friends,

Let's chat about how to build a killer morning routine.

A world-class morning routine is a gateway to a life of consistency, success, and fulfillment, and it’s important that we talk today about how to set yourself up to create, improve, or refine yours.

The problem is, most people either lack intentionality, lack the information they need to structure it well, or they lack an understanding of how the power a morning routine has.

As busy dads, we’ve all been there (perhaps sometimes daily) where we sleep in, are woken up by the kids, jump right into parenting, breakfast, getting ready for work, etc. and find ourselves scattered, distracted, possibly overwhelmed, and probably often a little frustrated and angry (if we’re honest).

There are several things a morning routine does for us:

  • It helps us prime our mind, will, emotions, and spirit for the day ahead
  • It helps us prioritize the things that create the most change in our life
  • It helps us to find clarity for the day’s work that needs to be done
  • It helps us to start the day with discipline and do hard things that serve as a catalyst for everything else

The great news is that no matter where we’re at with our mornings, we can always improve them. So I’m going to outline some foundational morning routine habits that I think are critical and some ideas of ways to approach them. Let’s dive in.

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