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MB #005: Mindset Hacks for the New Year

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Hey Friends,

Happy New Year! My family and I are spending the weekend at a cabin in the snow to celebrate 2022 and rest, and I hope you're doing something that fuels your soul as well.

As we enter into a new year, everyone is usually thinking about the year past and what the next year will look like. The reality is, those who are most successful in life are one who is doing this evaluation on a regular basis, and continually improve all year long.

That said, if we haven't been as great at that as we maybe could have been, now is a great time to right-size some things and dial in for the year ahead. This always starts in our mind first and moves from the head to the body where we take action.

So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite mindset "hacks" if you will, that have helped me throughout the years. These are all pulled out of a group of about 15-20 others that we deep dive into in module 1 of Operation: Next Level.

1. The Only Move That Matters

The only move that matters is the next one. Most people waste so much energy thinking about and dwelling on the past - what could have been, or worrying about and contemplating the future - what might become. Don't waste energy on the past or distant future - focus on what you can do now, today. The only move that matters is really the next one, that's right in front of you. Another veteran friend of mine recently shared with me that the way he thinks about this is just to "take the 25-meter shot" instead of trying to focus on the 300-meter target. Just aim short, take the sure shot that you can see clearly, then move closer to the 300 little by little until the 300 is actually 25 meters.

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