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MB #019: Build The Perfect Meal, Discipline, The Carnivore Diet

Today will look slightly different as I felt that it was important to teach y’all how to structure the perfect healthy meal. That said, I kept all of our regular segments in the newsletter, and they’re found in the second half.

Learning about how to structure a healthy meal, without tools and trackers and such, is so key for the lifelong health of any person. We can’t always track macros (and who wants to do that anyways?!).

With this framework, you’ll be able to take any ingredients and craft a meal with the right amounts and ratios to get you closer to your fat loss and strength gain goals. Even while traveling.

Unfortunately, trainers and coaches use this with clients and aren't teaching it publically. Not only that, dogmatic “experts” and social media influencers just continue to create confusion about nutrition and healthy meals.

So let me bring some clarity and teach this gem...

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