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MB #023: Stay Fit While Traveling, Family Road Trips, & Getting Outdoors

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Today's issue has some fantastic insights about how to overcome some of our greatest challenges as men, how to eat, workout, and live out healthy habits while traveling and in changing environments. Our family is on a 2-month road trip at the moment, so I'm going to share some of the strategies my wife and I employ. Most people can find some ways to make progress in a carefully curated environment, at home, with all their own stuff, without temptation, with gym access, etc. but it's when you're out and about with constantly changing environments that you have to regularly reconsider your approach in order to remain healthy.

Today at a glance:

  • How you'll benefit from road trips
  • Architecting environments by James Clear
  • Health & fitness tips for long road trips
  • Outdoor Kids In An Inside World
  • Cobly Kultgen's top 9 habits.

🧠 Food For Thought:

Most parents avoid road trips because they're just plain hard! The downside of this is two things: Your kids miss out on incredible adventures that hardwire their brains in a healthier way early in life. They also miss out on watching their parents choose to do hard things, reject selfishness, and exercise self-control as they're inevitably driven crazy from time to time by someone asking for the one-thousandth time "Are we there yet?". I can assure you, the memories are 150% worth it.

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