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MB #032: Tips For Sleep, Family Revision, and 4-year Seed Oils

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Today at a glance:

  • Food For Thought: Linoleic Acid in your body for 4 years
  • Quote: Ghostwealth
  • Fitness Tips: 3 Tips to improve your sleep
  • Book: Family Revision

🧠 Food For Thought:

Once you eat seed oils they are stored in your fat tissue and often remain there for over 4 years. Linoleic Acid (from seed oils) content in human fat tissue has increased 4x since the 1960s. Linoleic acid and its byproducts have been demonstrated to induce direct toxic effects on the endothelium (blood vessel lining). Ultrasound studies of healthy patients with high levels of 9-HODE (a linoleic acid oxidation byproduct) in carotid arteries also show signs of atherosclerosis.

✍️ Quote Of The Week:

Porn is fake sex. Media is fake news. Politicians are fake leaders. Feminism is fake femininity. Video games are fake adventures. In a fake world, embrace what's real. (Thanks to @Ghostwealth_ for this gem of truth.)

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