MA Premium+

If you’re enjoying the free content and want to get more involved with Masculine Adventure, here’s where you can learn about how to take things to the next level.

It's only through the tiny paid membership of faithful readers that I'm able to continue to produce content for y'all at this capacity, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do it!

In exchange for your support of the publication and for helping us continue to make great content for you, we want you to know that signing up for a paid membership provides you with several cool perks as well. 🎉

Get MA Premium+ content for the cost of a single cup of coffee at a coffee shop!

1. Private Community

You’ll join us in our private community over on WhatsApp. There are additional perks to even the community itself, such as you’ll get early access to events and conference info as those time arise, and even a free copy of my book when it’s ready. The community chat is where we’ll keep the conversation going about health, fitness, fatherhood, and masculinity!

2. Premium Content

The premium content will consist of private paid-only articles, videos, future podcasts we’re launching, and access to the full archives of all past content.

3. Commenting Access

You’ll get to comment on posts and engage with us via the content to continue the conversation and ask questions of me about the content and.

4. Early/Free Access To My Book

As we get closer to publishing, we’ll release an early edition of our book to those who remain engaged in the private Whatsapp group.