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MB #010: The 8-Minute Metabolic Workout

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Hey friends,

In today’s issue I’m going to share an 8-min workout that you can do when crunched for time that ramps your metabolism to burn fat and prepares your mind to be dialed in and focused for a busy day.

Let’s be honest, most of us men fluctuate between weeks of great exercise routines and weeks where everything falls apart. Most of the time it’s because we’re juggling a lot and things come up that derail schedules. The issue is, if we’ve only got one set program that we follow and what it requires doesn’t fit into a specific day, the default is to do nothing at all.

By having this 8-min workout at your disposal to do, you really have no excuses why you can’t do some form of movement every day (especially if you’re doing my daily pushup challenge).

Get massive benefits in only 8-minutes.

Here are a few reasons to keep this workout ready and tackle it on days you can’t do your normal routine:

Getting your blood pumping will help with recovery from other workouts

This will help wake up your brain so you’re dialed in for a busy day

You’ll jumpstart your metabolism with a research-backed approach

Movement in the AM will help release endorphins and improve mood during a busy day

That said, you’re gonna love this - once you’re done!

Here's how, step by step:

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