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MB #013: The Best Way To Eat A Healthy Family Dinner Every Day

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Hey friends,

Today I’m going to outline how my wife Justine and I ensure we're eating healthy every day, even though we have little kids that are sometimes picky.

You may have read about the time and decision-making hack I highlighted weeks ago called a capsule wardrobe.

We use a similar concept for meals that I've coined as a 'Capsule Recipe Book'.

It's pretty simple, yet powerful. Here's how to create your own capsule recipe book, to ensure that you and the kids are eating healthy every day.

Step 1: Search the web for 5-10 new healthy recipes that look good that you'd like to try. Aim for high protein, moderate to low carb, and healthy fats, with fresh ingredients. Aim for ones that take less than 30 minutes of prep time. (not counting oven/crockpot time)

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